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Beloved Are Jews

Learning Pirkei Avot on Five Levels

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Beloved Are Jews: Learning Pirkei Avot on Five Levels

Beloved is man, for he was created in the image [of G d]; Beloved are the people Israel, for they are called children of G d; Beloved are the people Israel, for a precious article was given to them. (Ethics of Our Fathers ch.3:14)
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Akiba ben Joseph, Ethics of the Fathers

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Jorge Qro. Mexico July 29, 2016

Beautiful and passionate speech. I liked the speech very much. All I knew about Rabbi Akiva was that he had lots of students and that at one point in time scores of them were slaughtered. My gratitude to Rabbi Akiva because he gave us the Oral Law. And because the Torah is a desirable vessel, a tool, that God gave unto us to make amendments when we have fallen, just because He loves all of us, I felt very uplifted.
Regarding Rabbi Akiva's wife, I personally think she merits the singing of Eishes Chayil on a Friday Night; A woman of valor: “She rises when it is still night; she gives food to her household and an allotted share to her maidens” Proverbs 31: 15 Reply

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