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The Song of the Sea

Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 25

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The Song of the Sea: Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 25

The song the Jews sang at the splitting of the sea was our first prayer as a people, which illustrates the special connection between prayer and song. Learn the context, the broad themes, and inner insights for the prayers of this song.
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Eliezer Zalmanov for Chabad.org November 2, 2015

Re: The First jew The Jewish people weren't officially a nation until they received the Torah at Mt. Sinai, at which point the matrilineal rule went into effect. Before that, as family, this was passed down via the father. Reply

Gary Europe October 30, 2015

The First jew You called Abraham "The First Jew", which gives me a chance to ask a question I always ask: If all Jews are descendants of Abraham, then why isn't being born to a Jewish father enough to be considered Jewish? Reply

Anonymous Missouri May 15, 2015

Excellent Teacher! Reply

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