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The Image of Four Empires

The Book of Daniel, Part 3

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Anonymous NC January 1, 2017

Thank you for instruction on the interpretation of the King's dream May G-d bless you and every Jew who has ever lived and will be. I am reading Daniel 2 to my son and I needed help with this passage. I do have a thought and it concerns the soothsayers, demonologists, Chaldean, etc. When I listened to you and recall what I read, I thought that they nailed it. They cannot know the King's dream and they said so. It would take 'gods' to reveal it, they said. They could divine that, at least. If G-d gives you a message and it is intended for you alone, then nothing - not sorcery, trickery, and, for today, technology - shall intercept it. This message is for you alone to reveal or, at least, confirm, which the King did to Daniel's words. Just a thought. Or, the Chaldeans, etc. were just a bunch of frauds. Lastly, 'Ask Rabbi Google' is hysterical. I do that. Reply

SVG Sudbury, Mass. May 28, 2015

Rome vs Byzantium or Rome vs Islam Interesting comment, however, Byzantium was ultimately conquered by Ottoman Turks, who had adopted Islam. For purposes of world powers, Christian is Christian, whether Catholic, Protestant, Greek Orthodox, Syriac, Coptic, etc. They all believe in Yoshka. Certainly in the Middle Ages, Greek Orthodox were seen as simply "Christian," for example, in the Kuzari, Yehuda HaLevi refers to the non-Jewish disputants before the Khazar king as Christian (Greek, inasmuch as they were preaching in the Crimean area), a "philosopher" and a Muslim.

Also, shout out for the Ramban, who won the disputation, but had to flee for his life and settled in Eretz Yisrael as a result! Reply

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