In the previous class we were introduced to the concept that mitzvos elicit ‘makifim’ (transcendent lights). In general, there are 2 types of makifim, those that are “close” to that which they encompass (relative makifim) and those that are “distant” (absolute makifim).

Metaphorically, these can be compared to a garment and a house respectively. Although both the garment and the house surround an individual, clothing conforms specifically to the wearer’s dimensions whereas anyone of any size can enter a house.

We will first consider the “close” makifim, i.e. the makifim of ‘seder hishtalshalus’, which are grounded in the principle that the inner dimension (pnimius) of a higher level (elyon) comprises the makif of the lower (tachton). This paradigm is illustrated in the relationship of ‘sechel’ (intellect) to ‘middos’ (emotions).

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