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Dissuasion of Potential Converts

Megillat Rut in Depth, Part 4

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Dissuasion of Potential Converts: Megillat Rut in Depth, Part 4

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raizel 11203 June 21, 2016

two questions I can't believe I was about to teach the story of Rus without listening to your shiur first! This is absolutely fascinating! thank you so much rabbi kaplan!
two questions:
1. Is what you are teaching chassidus? what sources do u use that are chassidus? sichos? is meam loez chassidus?
2. i really like the lesson you said that "this megila is to teach us the reward for kindness." But what kindness is there in the megilla?
the only kindness i can think of, is boaz being kind to rus, but then again, it is halacha to let the poor take portions of your field..
Or, if you tell me that the kindness is rus acompanying her mother in law... well, kindness is not a valid reason to convert..
you mentioned that the daughters in law were kind b/c they prepared their husbands funerals and didnt demand dowries from naomi, so their reward was that one of them got blessed with peace. is this small detail, thats not even mentioned in the text, the whole reason reb zeira said the megilla is written? Reply

r g ey May 30, 2015

downloads Excellent approach - Why is this chapter not available for download as well? Reply

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Thornhill, Ont. May 17, 2015

Anonymous from Canada Why don't you keep listening and see the answers that our Sages give to that exact question?! Reply

Anonymous canada May 12, 2015

I stopped listening when you, Rabbi Kaplan, said Naomi said לכנה שובנה...if the girls wanted to go to their idolatrous ways it would be ok. but in the 7 mitzvoth that non Jews must keep they must believe in one G-d. Reply

Galit Chantrell Adelaide South Australia May 9, 2015

Ruth I am enjoying the series on Ruth. I think that Naomi must have shown something very wonderful in her character under those terrible circumstances you talked about here. Maybe Ruth was impressed with Naomi's ability to take responsibility for her own life circumstances/decisions. I for one am sick of people who spend 60 years of their life blaming their parents etc. Reply

rut USA April 23, 2015

Dissuasion Of Potential Converts This is a very interesting teaching Rabbi Kaplan. I have tried to be a part of the Jewish nation for the past six years now. I have been given a chance by a Chabad Rabbi, but the circumstances were not right. I truly believe it was not Hashem's desire yet for me to be a part of my people. 35 years ago Hashem, blessed be He, after reading Psalm 119, and crying to my King to teach me His statutes and ways, He heard my cry and in a dream showed me His four letter words Name. He also called me to His sanctuary in the desert where the Ark was, back then I did not undestand or knew the meaning of these two dreams until I came to Arizona eight years ago. And six years ago He, in His great mercy, revealed, finally to me, that I was a descendant of the tribes of Yisrael. Listening to you today, I realized that my prayers are soon to be answered, and the promise fulfilled. I am a descendant of the Sephardic from Spain. Both my grandparents from mom and dad were Jewish. Reply

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