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Ashrei: G-d Feeds All Living Things

Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 17

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Ashrei: G-d Feeds All Living Things: Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 17

The primary focus of the Ashrei prayer is the verse in which we acknowledge and request that G-d provide sustenance to all living beings. In this lesson we peel away at the layers of meaning in the central theme of Ashrei.
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Leah Baltimore March 15, 2021

Thank you Rabbi for these teachings. My heart is so open. Can you describe the connection between sections of the Ashrei and the sefirot more specifically? Reply

Julie Pennsylvania March 29, 2016

Ashrei is difficult When I read the Ashrei I have much trouble. There are many who die of starvation. Did not the Holocaust victims "cry out in truth" to Hashem??? Did not those axed to death, in the synagogue in Israel, while davening, speaking the very words of Ashrei??? These are hard to reconcile, yet I believe Hashem is benevolent and perfect. Lots of internal wrestling.

I am savoring these classes, thank you. Reply

Gary October 28, 2015

Well, when looking at this prayer I was going to ask where's the N???, but, of course, you don't overlook any detail! Reply

rsk Baltimore March 12, 2015

Again, thanks for your compliments but I would also appreciate some good questions.
rsk Reply

Gary Europe April 19, 2018
in response to rsk:

International Their is the use of S in Ashkenazi where Sefardi use a T, correct? No big deal except I'd imagine that difference throws Gematria into chaos? That's my question. Reply

Janice Colorado March 11, 2015

Ashrei Rabbi Thank you!

G-d's presense is near in just studying this with you. I feel close to Him.

Hallelukah! Reply

Gina Serebrennikov Toronto March 10, 2015

Very informative. Great speaker, Thank You. Reply

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