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Torah Light

14 Adar, 5732 · February 29, 1972


Torah Light: 14 Adar, 5732 · February 29, 1972

At Sinai, the Jews so desired to serve G-d, that they accepted the Written Torah before they had even heard it. But when it came to the complexities of the Oral Torah, their joy was halfhearted. Not until the miracle of Purim did all the Jews wholeheartedly accept the Oral Torah.
Torah, Purim, Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Alyshja Washington December 2, 2013

A reminder at Chanukah Purim is decidedly feminine, Chanukah masculine we need to bring in the light as well. Both Oral and Torah have both Or and Ora, there is not one without the other just like Eish and Eisha.

Todah RABAH REBBE your light shines on. Reply

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