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Purim Gifts: Suspicion Eliminated

The Talmud on Mishloach Manot

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Purim Gifts: Suspicion Eliminated : The Talmud on Mishloach Manot

One of the beautiful mitzvahs on Purim is to give food gifts to a friend. In this class we explore three reasons posited for the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot and their logical conclusions.
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Talmud, Tractate Megilla, Mishloach Manot

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Anath Grebler Nelson March 5, 2015

When Mashiach comes we will still perform mitzvat mishloach manot, as a simple manifestation of love, expression of our innermost nature. "Ahava" that will be the prevalent essence of life in times of Mashiach, has a root "hav", heh ,beit - to give.

Mishloach manot will have no other reason than being a reflection of a Divine love flowing through us. Hashem gives before needs arise, because of the inherent abundance of Life. To give is a nature of things, a flow of love. Being in "G-d's image" when Mashiach comes will be our natural modum operandi.

The word "manot" implies Manna in plural. We will be engaged in an ongoing "manna" exchange, manna that deepens Daat, and nurtures and nourishes both body and soul. Each person will be a "Manna shaliach" "manna emissary".
"Mishloach manot" will look differently, but still allow for an expression of the transcendent through material. Reply

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