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Pious of the Nations

The Noahide Code

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Pious of the Nations: The Noahide Code

Understanding the earliest origin of idolatry gives a better appreciation to a universal belief in one G-d. All of mankind has the right to pray to one G-d and should incorporate blessings in their daily life.
Idolatry; Paganism, Seven Noahide Laws

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Chad Young Austin January 24, 2022

Oh, Rabbi; with great respect..
I find it..ethnocentric and childish for the creator of our reality to make all people suffer and mourn but choose only a handful of them to love and keep covenants with. Is a covenant not a promise?
How can any rational person look at this and not doubt the sincerity and 'unknowable' intent of such a being? Is my God your God? Is your God my God? Did your God create only your people? Did some other God create mine?

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