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The Rise of an Anti-Semite

The Megillah in Depth, Chapter 3, Part 1

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The Rise of an Anti-Semite: The Megillah in Depth, Chapter 3, Part 1

This class studies the text of the third chapter of the book of Esther.
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Purim, Scroll of Esther

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Jeremy McCandlish Pittsburgh April 12, 2015

The Rabbi says spiritual source doesn't mean holy...the example might not be the best one, though? I am ASKING, not claiming. Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan on "The Humble King" in Rabbi Nachman's Stories (pp.130-133 in footnotes on "humor" and "the one who composes".) brings a set of sources suggesting that the Evil Inclination has its source in holiness and particularly humor. (namely Zohar 2:163a; Yoma 69; Rimzey Maasioth, Likutei Moharan 72, Paraparoth LeChochmah ad. loc.)

I've only seen the summaries in the book. Asking G-d for help applying the concepts in those pages seems to be opening all barriers in my life, one at a time.

Around 21 minutes the Rabbi suggests the serpent is an unholy spiritual source. This seems to be in direct contradiction with Rabbi Kaplan and Rabbi Nachman's messages, which puzzles me. I'd love to hear some thoughts on it.

Thanks Reply

Andrés Rosemberg Buenos Aires March 9, 2015

Just to clarify Actually Hitler was a devoted Christian (read Mein Kumpf), just like the Crusaders. Muslims who perpetrate terrorist attacks are deeply religious. But I get your point. Reply

Helen Stengel London March 4, 2015

This is so interesting!
I am a Christian who has often studied the book to Esther and done plays etc with children.
So good to have insights drawn out from the text that I have never heard before. Long live Israel and its people! Reply

Calev Parnes Denver March 2, 2015

mentioning G-d in the classroom Just a mention at about 48 minutes in, as far as mentioning G-d in the classroom, I was in elementary school in Virginia in in 1990. We had the pledge of allegiance and a prayer session before class started. Not sure that this was legal but I'm a little confused. I was ignorant and not practicing at the time, but wtf? Reply

boruch krinsky February 23, 2015

67 טוב מאד Reply

Anonymous Passaic February 5, 2015

The Rise of an Anti Semite Lovely shiur, rabbi. Taken as a whole, sweet like dvash. Intellect, hope, goodness, the sweep of history old and new, love of Hashem, love of the Am all woven together. What comes out is a mirror to what is within. Thanks for the light. Reply

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