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Studying Tehillim: Chapter 118, Part 6

The Secret to Unlocking Heaven’s Doors


Studying Tehillim: Chapter 118, Part 6: The Secret to Unlocking Heaven’s Doors

Tehillim - Psalms - Chapter 118
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SVG Sudbury, Mass. February 16, 2015

Question about dikduk: "Pitchu" Why is "Pitchu" in the plural? To whom is it addressed?

Thank you for these wonderful shiurim. Reply

L February 3, 2015

B'H' Beautifully said, awesome, sharing your knowledge, Rabbi Kaplan. Expressing the various Gates gives breadth & depth of Hashem's Love.
This Tehillim could have further learning during a Fabrengen Reply

Robert Leckie Fernandina Beach, FL, USA February 3, 2015

Wonderful Presentation! Although I am not Jewish, your lecture embraced many vital points that, if adhered to, all of G_d's people would reap the joy and peace of selflessness. Thank you. Praise G_d! Reply

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