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Protector of Her People

10 Shevat 5732 · January 26, 1972

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Protector of Her People: 10 Shevat 5732 · January 26, 1972

At the time of the Song of Moses, the Jews were in the midst of a great journey through an awesome desert. They had yet to reach, conquer and establish a Jewish homeland. By contrast, at the time of the Song of Deborah, the Jews were already settled in the Land of Israel. Deborah was called upon to organize a campaign against Canaanite invaders.
Deborah, Song at the Sea, Women, Femininity & Feminism, Men & Women, Shevat 10, Farbrengen, Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Anonymous June 17, 2020

I'm wondering why both women and men cannot share this responsibility and why it has to be the woman in the role of domesticity and spiritual connectivity in the home. Is this because she is considered on a higher plane spiritually or is it because non-traditional roles are not considered here? Reply