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The World of Emotion

Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 13

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The World of Emotion: Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 13

The second section of prayer is called Pesukei D’zimra, or Verses of Song, primarily comprised of Psalms praising G-d in creation. We begin with the blessing of Baruch She’amar describing how G-d created the world through speech and the attribute of kingship.
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antonio sabella providence,R.I. May 31, 2016

very good speaker with basic teaching which I need so much. Reply

Miriam Orlando Fl November 3, 2015

I Have been with your program since the first discussion and enjoy every minute of it.
I do have a question . When we read G d made us in his own image" could this mean that
"his own image" is the image he created for each one of us individually and not that G d made us like him ?????? That would be impossible since there is only one G d.
Let me know what you think Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn February 11, 2015

Excellent! Thank you! Already waiting for the next class! Reply

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