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Parsha Shemot, Part 10

Moshe askes Pharoah to let the Jews go


Parsha Shemot, Part 10: Moshe askes Pharoah to let the Jews go

Ch. 4 verses 25-31 Ch. 5 verses 1-23 & Ch. 6 verse 1: Tzipporah circumcises her son and saves Moshe's life. Aaron comes to meet Moshe. They go Egypt and Aaron tells the people all that G-d had told Moshe and he shows them the signs and they believe him. Ch. 5, Moshe and Aaron go to Pharaoh and tell him that Hashem had asked that he let the people go out to the desert to serve Him. Pharaoh answers " who is G-d that I should listen to His voice and let Israel go?" Instead he increases the burden on the people by making them collect their own straw to make the bricks.
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