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Finding Comfort After Grief

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Finding Comfort After Grief

What we say to a mourner and how it provides comfort.
Life After Death, Comforting the Mourner

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Anonymous USA January 23, 2015

Thank you! I really enjoyed this! I really enjoyed watching this!
My little sister saw me watching this and she said: "Whoa! You're a princess of Hashem!"
Thank you so much for all your episodes, I enjoy all of them! Reply

Davinia Nevada January 21, 2015

Very good questions. Reply

Anonymous Tucson January 20, 2015

Question How is a soul reunited with its body if it was cremated, e.g. - those who die in an explosion, or have been cremated ?

If you have the ashes what should you do with them to best serve the soul who it belonged to?

Thank you Reply

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