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The Minor Shema

Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 9

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The Minor Shema: Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 9

Prior to the formal prayer service, we recite the minor Shema prayers declaring G-d’s oneness. We proceed to state Torah passages related to the Temple service, both the animal and incense offerings—and engage in minimal Torah study.
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Degel from TX. January 23, 2015

Time frame Thank you Rabbi Shmuel, for your interesting and very informative lessons!
When a person has to leave the house for a job before dawn, what part of Shema is better for him to say?
We know a story when Tzadik was waiting for the first ray of the sun to start reciting of Shema. What is the significance of time frame for the morning prayer in general and Shema in particular?
Thanks again!
Regards and blessings! Reply

Zvi Roth L+ondon January 14, 2015

pryers I find the lessons by rabbi Shmuel Kaplan most inspiring. Reply

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