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The Book of Yonah, Chapter 3

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Anonymous NYC, NY February 3, 2015

Wonderful Series Thank you, Rabbi Dubov for sharing these remarkable insights! I watched parts 1-3 in one sitting since your teaching is delightfully informative. But I have to save the remaining installments in the series for tomorrow since it is very late now, haha. I had not planned to be enthralled for 3 hours! What an unexpected blessing. This was time well spent. This was such an enriching series delving so deeply and beautifully into the Book of Yonah! This has truly helped me to clarify some circumstances in my life that had me frustrated and stumped. I have written down, "Lift your heart into your hands," on an index card and put it where I can see it several times each day. I look forward to seeing the other 2 videos as well as other teachings of yours on this website.
Thank you again for this. It has impacted me deeply. Reply

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