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The Book of Yonah, Chapter 1

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M. Diane Flushing, NY June 8, 2016

I really enjoy your presentaitons You had me laughing when you related what happened in stories I have read before many times without even cracking a smile. I needed a tiny bit of help reaching the deepest part of my joy and getting that up and out today. Your videos provided that assistance. Thank you! Reply

Mendel Dubov Sparta, NJ January 24, 2016

To P.L. de Groes 1 Samuel 16:14: "And the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord frightened him". Ibid, 16: ...and it will be, that when the evil spirit of God is upon you, he will play with his hand, and it will be good for you.". If you re-read Samuel you will see that every time it talks about an evil spirit, it describes it as such. This is clear from verse 14 above. Reply

P.L. de Groes Koudum - The Netherlands January 20, 2016

The book of Jonah video 1 In 1 Samuel 16:16-20 The spirit of God was upon Saul. Here there is meant an evil spirit as far as I can understand. This "spirit of God' disappeared as soon as David started to play. So your comparison with de spirit of God upon Jonah sun of Amittai seems not to bee correct. Is in your opinion it possible that a spirit of God can be good or evil? Reply

hershel 11213 November 18, 2015

an avid listener I know that in Chabad the emphasis is to breakdown one's ego... and give compliments. But I must say that I have listened to over 25 of your lectures and that I love each one. You have a passionate and original speaking style. And you reveal a more realistic understanding of the Tanach and jewish history. Thank you for sharing it with us. It lights up my life! Reply

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