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Is Socialism Kosher?

Proto-Socialist Resonances in Chassidic Thought

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Is Socialism Kosher?: Proto-Socialist Resonances in Chassidic Thought

Chabad struggled bitterly against communism's aggressively secular ethos, but successive Rebbes indicated that socialism and Judaism are not entirely at odds. This lecture was in tribute to Professor Chimen Abramsky.
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Community and Individuality, Chassidism, Communism, Socialism

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wolfgang January 14, 2016

source materials please list Rabbi Dr Loewenthal his book or articles source this wonderful talk... Reply

Chaya February 1, 2022
in response to wolfgang :

Same. Very fascinating and timely talk. Would be very helpful to have a full list of citations. Reply

wolfgang January 14, 2016

thank you thank you Reply

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