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Studying Tehillim: Chapter 27, Part 1

King David's Fortifying Faith


Studying Tehillim: Chapter 27, Part 1: King David's Fortifying Faith

Tehillim - Psalms - Chapter 27
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High Holidays, Elul, Psalms, L'David Hashem Ori (Psalm 27)

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Carl January 24, 2018

I am looking for a Psalm that relates directly to the death of a father Reply

Rabbi Mendel Adelman January 25, 2018
in response to Carl:

Hello Carl,

My sincere condolences. May your father's soul be constantly elevated.

While there are no specific Psalms for such a thing, there are certain psalms that are customarily said when visiting the grave. They may be poignant for your case.

They are chapters 33,16,17, 72,91,104 and 130. Afterwards, one recites from chapter 119 (which is composed of 8 verses for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet) the sections which spell the name of the deceased. Following that, from the same chapter, the sections which spell the word נשמה are recited. Reply

Anonymous CA June 27, 2015

Question: Verse 3, "in this will I be conffident." Is the "this" refering to the things listed before that point or the things coming up, the things the writer is about to say? Reply

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