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How to Bring the Rebbe’s Message into Our Daily Lives

A farbrengen in preparation for the Rebbe’s 20th yahrtzeit with Rabbi Mendel Lipskier

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How to Bring the Rebbe's Message into Our Daily Lives: A farbrengen in preparation for the Rebbe’s 20th yahrtzeit with Rabbi Mendel Lipskier

Farbrengen, Gimmel Tammuz, Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Ms F.Socquie July 4, 2014

How would you want to prepare and make a Farbrengen, How would you like us to meet in this informal get together. How do we and can make the Farbrengen. I am responding but I do not know everything this is taking which I would not want to brake from what we prepare. We are not necessarily of same culture and neither in same proportions. Reply

Shlomo Talehakimi July 1, 2014

Le chaim The quality of a spiritual leader is reflected upon how He becomes the conduit of divine to every member of the group, regardless of an individual's level of spirituality. As the greatest Jewish leader of the 20th century,the Rebbe influenced everyone in such a way that a simple Jew could experience Torah and Chassidut in a way that a chassid could. Today we need the Rebbe's message to be spread farther and more available as Jewish education, especially in communities where true Judaism has lost its colors and fortunately there are chabbad houses all over. Lechaim ve Livracha Reply

Anonymous Flemington, NJ July 1, 2014

Dear Rabbi Lipskier,
Thank You - I very much enjoyed this farbrengen! I do have the following questions regarding your closing statements.
- Can you help me understand why to a person who was born after the 7th Rebbe died, it would be more important to connect to this Rebbe vs. previous six Rebbes, or for that matter, the Maggid of Mezerich, or Baal Shem Tov himself?
- Respectfully, it does not appear your Outlook or perspective include a possibility of the new Rebbe emerging for this or next generation? If so, why?
Thanks again. Reply

Anonymous July 1, 2014

Yasher koach , WOW
This is a beginning real Farbrengen Reply

Chavah Kwiatkowska Latvia June 30, 2014

Dear Rabbi Lipskier, this farbrengen has really impressed and inspired me. Thank you very much for your stories and the niggun as well! Reply

Meira Houston June 30, 2014

Awsome! You were talking in a very common and simple manner nevertheless it pierced many layers of trivial levels and reached the depth in my heart. That is the best example of reaching out to the person where he or she is without compromising a iota of Torah teaching.
Now, we are twenty years in the wilderness without Rebe..., but that might be twenty years of learning what he wants us to know... In another twenty years, with new generation in place and deep studying of his works and all thoses who were before him we might reach our Promised Land?!
Just keep on with what Rabbis and scholars and all those who support them have been doing and do not turn to right or left! . Moshiah IS on his way, let's be persistent!! Reply

Hilda M. Sherman Oaks June 29, 2014

Like all your speeches on Shabbat mornings that inspire me, this too inspired me greatly. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and Yasher Koach. Reply

YH June 29, 2014

Bringing People to the Torah I'm enjoying the farbrengen. At 22 minutes you speak about conveying the message in people's language, making people see it from their level. So far, so good.

But when you say you don't necessarily have to elevate someone and then give him holy words of Torah and Chassidus; rather, bring it all down, to their level, where they are at, that brings to mind what the Rebbe said on the words in Avot regarding Aaron who brought people close to Torah. The Rebbe says, bring the people to Torah, don't bring the Torah to the people, i.e. don't compromise.

I think that sometimes, unfortunately, bringing the message down to the level of where people are at, means speaking of holy things in a cheap, unholy manner. I've seen this happen. So there needs to be a caveat here. Reply

Sharone B. Encino June 27, 2014

A True Tsadik Rabbi Mo always has wonderful words of inspiration and the ability to bring it down for everyone to understand.

Yasher Koach Reply

Moishe Tselner San Francisco June 27, 2014

shkoach Rabbi,
What's the name of the Niggun?
I truly hope and pray there are more farbrengens to come. Reply

Martin Goldberg June 26, 2014

Rabbi Lipskier The lower half of the globe... thank you for this explanation, my first time hearing it. Reply

Moshe Brooklyn June 26, 2014

Farbrengen True Farbrengen... lechaim, lechaim Reply

Jacob R Philly, PA June 26, 2014

From your heart to mine... Thank you so much for your words of inspiration. I can tell you were speaking from your heart - and it did inspire me greatly. Thank you!! Reply

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