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Self-Preservation and Its Fatal Consequences

Megillat Rut in Depth, Part 1


Self-Preservation and Its Fatal Consequences: Megillat Rut in Depth, Part 1

Rut - Ruth - Chapter 1
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Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Thornhill June 16, 2016

Responding to both questions! 1. The answer to why now me delayed her claims is explained in Chapter 2.

2. Clearly from the Torah's perspective being nice and caring about one's own family is insufficient. These are not my judgment calls – rather the way our sages explain these sacred versus. Bottom line: we are expected to care for others too, not just our loved ones Reply

Anonymous June 5, 2016

Just a family man If a person is a good family man - how is it not good? What about man who was loosing money, property and his position? Did he take it on his wife or children? Did he blame them? Did he make their lives miserable? NO! He was a good family man.

So why are you so negative about it? He is not a positive character, but this is his greatness. Real love. And it's a great quality (possessed by any man) Reply

David Chester Petach Tikva June 4, 2014

Although Naomi was related to Abimelach's family (by marriage), when she got back to Eretz Israel she did not seek an equal part, but behaved as a poor person without any support from Elimelach's family. Only after Ruth had been favoured by Boaz, did Naomi begin to make claims on this Leverite marriage need. Why did she delay? Reply

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