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Soul of the Letters: Shuruk

The Hebrew Vowel Signs


Soul of the Letters: Shuruk: The Hebrew Vowel Signs

Soul of Letters class 9 shuruk
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Hebrew vowel signs

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Rabbi Raskin Bklyn hts NY April 11, 2016

Shuruk-kubutz Dear Dovid,
If you look into Kehot siddur you will see in the box of kubutz the word shuruk in parenthesis.
In the Rebbes talks and in the writings of chassidus and Kabbala they refer to the three dots as shuruk. Reply

dovid April 10, 2016

this is confusing as the siddur shows a kubootz first with 3 diaganol dots, and a Shorook with one dot. Please clarify why you are taking the alternative name and assigning the nekuda. Reply

Corny Schwarz Hamburg October 15, 2015

heavy shuruk! This is very intriguing. Daily, I am reading a certain collection of tehillim. I noticed precious few occurrences of shuruk. So after discovering this lecture set, I immediately watched the one about shuruk.

The deeper meaning, as layed out in the video, resonates with me.

I feel, like I'm a baal shuruk. Sometimes that's one tough kneidel. But, as they say: "Teshuva is counterintuitive!"

Of course, I will now check out the rest of the Soul Letters class. Thanks a lot to everybody involved in the production und dissemination. Your efforts are much appreciated. Reply

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