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"As in the Days of Your Exodus" - Lesson 4

A Chassidc Discourse on the Nature of Miracles

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"As in the Days of Your Exodus" - Lesson 4: A Chassidc Discourse on the Nature of Miracles

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Passover, Moshiach and the Future Redemption, Exodus, Maamar, Nature & the Miraculous

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Anonymous Australia April 18, 2020

Question Hey Rabbi Freeman, Thanks for the class!
I know it’s been a while, I’m just looking for some clarity.
I am struggling to fully grasp the parallel made between the two types of miracles versus the two modes in service of G-d. In regards to a fully devoted person, who’s heart and mind motivate him to serve his creator, it’s possible to say that his entire body & psyche is pervaded with a G-dly feeling. But when a supra-natural miracle occurs, the natural order isn’t transformed into a miraculous one, on the contrary, it’s is totally pushed aside and disregarded. Therefore when the miracle has passed, natural order will look exactly the same (Like you mentioned in a previous class regarding the 12 spies).
It seems as if the parallel works in the reverse; a supra-natural miracle is the simple servant who totally disregards his feelings and breaks himself in order to act according to a higher being. Like the Supra-natural which breaks nature to act purely according to G-ds will.
Thanks, Reply

Tzvi Freeman April 19, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

It's very encouraging when people are contemplating the material and thinking critically. That's the only way to learn.

When the simple servant disregards his feelings, all of them are still there, unweakened in the slightest. He's just overcoming them. If he were transcending them, he would be a tzadik.

So that's reflected in the intra-natural miracles, where nature is there just as strong, and nevertheless, something from outside the natural order unfolds.

In the tzadik's miracle, on the other hand, the events entirely transcend nature, as though it doesn't exist.

I hope that helps. Think it through, and if it's still murky, keep asking. Reply

Anonymous April 28, 2020
in response to Tzvi Freeman:

Feedback Thanks for clarifying.
It took me time to get back Into it but this has sharpened my understanding.
You mentioned that my critical thinking was very encouraging. I wanted to let you know that I was inspired by your essay ‘Winning the War Against Thinking‘ to use that muscle lying around in my skull, and actually try thinking through what I learn. I’m sure you’re well aware of the unbelievable outcome of your hard work, but I felt the necessity to reassure you that your essays are not just read but are appreciated and absorbed.
Thanks again :) Reply

Srulik Pinson Edmonton February 14, 2021
in response to Anonymous:

winning the war against thinking Reply

Anonymous March 30, 2015

Since supra-natural and inter-natural miracles are both in essence the same, the infinite ONE, while the goal is for the intra-natural miracles to be “seen” by us (the finite), wouldn’t this mean a supra- natural miracle is what will bring Geulah to the natural order/world? And for the analogy of the tzadik (unbounded, supra-natural) and the simple man (bounded, intra-natural) there is the infinite ONE higher than both. It appears the supra-natural which brings Geulah miracle can enter in this picture without blasting away the natural order. Reply

Chavah Kwiatkowska Latvia April 17, 2014

Thank you very much for these wonderful series!

Am I right if I say that intra-natural miracles, supra-natural miracles and natural order are in their essence very similar to eidot, chukim and mishpatim? Reply

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