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"As in the Days of Your Exodus" - Lesson 1

A Chassidc Discourse on the Nature of Miracles

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"As in the Days of Your Exodus" - Lesson 1: A Chassidc Discourse on the Nature of Miracles

As the Days When You Left Egypt  
Hebrew Text: kimei tzeitcha  
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Passover, Moshiach and the Future Redemption, Exodus, Maamar, Nature & the Miraculous

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Srulik Pinson February 9, 2021

Diuk can be "Inference" or "to infer" Reply

Srulik Pinson February 9, 2021

So in the two categories of intra-natural miracles, one is intra-natural and one is the name you rejected, super-natural/very natural! Reply

HappyMinyan Ma'ale Adummim, Israel March 29, 2015

There are a few Twilight Zone episodes about such miraculous events that change the world to accommodate a need as Freeman describes. Somehow, Rod Serling (who was Jewish, by the way) sensed this and wrote several stories as such. When Freeman described the story about the mohel suddenly being remembered, reminded me of the episode where three astronauts who returned to Earth begin to sense they don't belong in their lives and disappear one by one and, as they vanish, there is no memory of them having existed except in the mind of the remaining astronauts. Ultimately, all vanish and it is as if they never existed. Reply

Tzvi Freeman July 3, 2014

For YY This is especially so with intra-natural miracles, but in some way true in any miracle.

Gevurah is the filter that allows for the rhythm of natural law. Tifferet, or Rachamim, is what allows for the Chesed to shine nonetheless, in the form of a miracle. See beginning of chapter 5 of the second book of Tanya. Also see the Rebbe's maamar "Vechazakta." Reply

YY Israel June 30, 2014

Question You mention (around 41:00) how G-d can take infinity and fit it into finite, and answer that from G-d's perspective anything is possible, Him being unbounded. Is this referring to intra, supra, or both?

Also, I need clarification: am I correct in assuming that the two types of miracles are comparable to Gevura and Chesed, that Gevura is higher in that it reflects such a high source which cannot be revealed, and so comes out as Gevura, or in this case as natural? Reply

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