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Esther: The Courage of One Woman

Inspiring Jewish Heroines

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Esther: The Courage of One Woman: Inspiring Jewish Heroines

The story of Esther is hidden and obscure, which teaches us how to live with a constant awareness that G-d is guiding us.
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Divine Providence, Purim, Esther

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Anonymous Hawaii August 12, 2016

Very inspiring and uplifting. I enjoy listening to you speak on the many topics of the life of an everyday woman. I'm encouraged by your insight to the women heroines of the Tanakh. Thank you for sharing your lecturers and personal stories.


Racheli Florida June 17, 2015

Thank you, Goldie Beautiful class... I am always strengthened, enlightened and moved by listening to you speak :) Mamash gishmak - looking forward to seeing you again at Kinus! Yashir koach on your amazing shlichus :) Reply

Batsheva Brooklyn May 4, 2014

Very inspiring class. Reflecting back on the days when I started to become frum, I think about where did I get this courage from, to against family and friends. Now I know!
Thank you for sharing your lecture series. Reply

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