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The Mechanism of Ownership

Lost and Found, Lesson 1

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The Mechanism of Ownership: Lost and Found, Lesson 1

An introductory overview of the nature of ownership, highlighting three fundamental principles related to ownership.
Lost and Found Lesson 1  
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Talmud, Returning a Lost Object, Ownership

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Ann Miami June 29, 2016

What is the rationale for ownership? More basically, human beings NEED things. G-d does not need things the way we do. We need things material and otherwise (come to think of it, adultery is like stealing love). So ownership allows us to have those things, to be entitled to those things, and then it follows that recognizing ownership keeps society in order (or keeps order in society). Reply

Barry Rostholder November 25, 2015

Ownership How wonderful! I have just started studying Talmud, and the first Mishnah I studied was about two men who found a garment in the street at the same time and both took hold of it at the same time. I always wondered and was confused as to why the garment was considered lost and if the original owner had a claim. Your lesson went a long way towards helping me understand. Thank you! Reply

izzy March 27, 2014

Amazing Thanks! Keep up the amazing work! Reply

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