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Parsha Vayeishev

Introduction to Vayeishev
Ch. 37 verses 1-3: Introduction, the portion begins with an introduction to Yosef who is seventeen years old. He is a shepherd with his brothers, but he brings evil reports about them to his father. Yaakov loves him more than any of his sons, and he gives him a coat of many colors.
Yosef's Dreams
Ch. 37 verses 4-12: Yosef has a dream and he tells it to his brothers. This causes them to hate him even more. He has a second dream that he tells to his father and his brothers. This dream brings out the brothers' jealousy towards him. His father gets angry at him but at the same time anticipates the moment that it would come true. The brothers go to Shechem to tend their father's sheep.
Yaakov Sends Yosef to check on his Brothers
Ch. 37 verses 13-22: Yaakov sends Yosef to check on his brothers and the sheep in Schechem. He finds them in Dasan. They throw him in a pit with snakes and scorpions. Reuvain convinces them not to kill him and throw him into the pit, thinking that he would come back later and save him.
Yosef is Sold into Slavery
Ch. 37 verses 23-36: The brothers throw Yosef into a pit and then decide to sell him to the Yishmalites who would sell him in Egypt. They dip his coat of many colors into the blood of a goat and present it to Yaakov asking him if he recognized it or not. He grieved for the loss of his favorite son and would not accept any consolation.
Yehuda and Tamar
Ch. 38 verses 1-25: Two of Yehuda's children die while being married to Tamar. Yehuda tells her that she should wait for his third son to become older and then he would marry her, but it was only a ruse. After Yehuda's wife dies, Tamar disguises herself as a harlot, waits for him on the road, and seduces him. She takes three items from him as surety for payment of her services. Tamar conceives twins and he wants to put her to death because of her harlotry.
Yosef Becomes Successful in His Master Potiphar's House
Ch. 38 verses 26-30, Ch. 39 verses 1-23: Continues with Yehuda's admission that he was the one who had impregnated Tamar. She gives birth to twins. Chp. 39 returns to the story of Yosef being sold into slavery. He is successful in his masters house and Hashem is with him in all that he does. His masters wife tries to seduce him and when he refuses, she accuses him of rape. He is sent to the royal prison. Hashem is with him even there and he finds favor in the warden's eyes and he is in charge of everything that goes on in the prison.
Yosef interprets Pharoahs butler and bakers dreams
Chp. 40 verses 1 - 23: The chief butler and baker are put into the same prison with Yosef. They both have a dream and he interprets their dreams. He tells the baker that he will be hung and the butler that he will be reinstated, and his prediction comes true. He asks the butler to remember him to Pharoah but he forgets.
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