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The 39 Prohibitions of Shabbat, Lesson 1

An introduction, and the melachot of sowing, plowing, reaping, binding sheaves

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The 39 Prohibitions of Shabbat, Lesson 1: An introduction, and the melachot of sowing, plowing, reaping, binding sheaves

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39 Melachot, Prohibition of Work on Shabbat

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Paul and Bea Western NY February 21, 2017

Thank you. Your's is the best explaination of Shabbat we found in ONE PLACE I was going to comment at the end but then I figured the beginning is best. G-d, the Mind, Power & Glory of all natural powers seen & unseen, that is available to us & for us so we can survive here in this physical world... G-d rests on the 7th day! We, to honor His Day of REST, we should not USE His powers for anything but HEALING ourselves on SHABBAT: rest is healing. So, as the wife/mother/daughter, I get everything I can done before Shabbat so I can allow G-d's Holy day of REST to happens as Torah states... give the Powers of G-d REST UNLESS it is for healing and the healing powers should be used. I work G-d's powers as I work making bread/food/drink, and as I clean and make ready but when Shabbat arrives... G-d should rest from ordinary work & we should bask in His healing Powers & rest. lamps lighted before Shabbat, out/covered at bedtime lets the Power of Light just "be". The soup being "on" all Shabbat lets the soup just "be". Peaceful union of healing for G-d & man is Shabbat. Reply

Kenny Cartwright Jr Abilene April 15, 2016

Ahhh- just saw the discussion thread. Going through this a second time- this time with note book and pencil.
Thanks Rabbi Dubov!! Reply

Anonymous UK February 3, 2014

melocham I just found it so interesting to learn the Hebrew word "melacha" - as it's a common expression in German, where it's called "malochen" (verb) and "maloche" (noun) - equivalents for arbeiten/ to work hard and Arbeit / hard work. Reply

Jory Lipp Va Beach , VA November 25, 2013

Great Class....... Not coincidental, to me at least, that I ran across this video. Ironically, I had recently been interested in learning more about the rules of Shabbos.

Your words and delivery...the attitude...very relaxed and Real! We are all very imperfect souls and it's nice to hear someone say that truthfully we may not , at this time, be at that level of total observance. So, we do the best we can and strive for more on a regular basis. I am excited to learn more! Reply

Yaacov cooley Kansas city, ansas November 20, 2013

lechem hapanim. I was trying to research this word [lechem hapanim.] whilst listening to you. That is the word-Thank you!

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