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Parsha Vayeitzei, Part 9

Yaakov Flees from Lavan

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Parsha Vayeitzei, Part 9: Yaakov Flees from Lavan

Ch. 31, verses 1 - 35: Yaakov realizes that his relationship with Lavan has deteriorated. He had his wives come out to the field and he informs them that Hashem has told him to return to the land of his father. They agree, and he leaves without Lavan's knowledge. Rachel takes her father's "terafim" with her. Lavan hearing that Yaakov has fled, chases after him. He is visited by G-d in a dream and told not speak neither good nor bad to Yaakov. Lavan reaches Yaakov's camp and rebukes him for leaving without saying good bye, and asks why he had stolen his gods? Yaakov tells him that "with whomever you find your gods, he shall not live." He searches and finds nothing.

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