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Parsha Vayeitzei, Part 7

Leah Has Six More Sons and a Daughter

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Parsha Vayeitzei, Part 7: Leah Has Six More Sons and a Daughter

Ch. 30, verses 1 - 21: Rachel sees that she is not bearing any children so she gives Yaakov her handmaiden Bilhah as a wife. She bears him two sons. Leah who has also stopped having children gives Yaakov her handmaiden Zilpah for a wife and she bears two more sons for him. Then Leah gives the "mandrakes" that her son had given her to Rachel in exchange for a marital night with Yaakov and she gives birth to Issacher. She then bears the tenth son to Yaakov, Zebulun. After that she gives birth to a daughter, Dinah.

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