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Yom Kippur: The One Day Holiday

The Five Levels of the Soul

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Yom Kippur: The One Day Holiday: The Five Levels of the Soul

The highlight of Yom Kippur in Temple times was the High Priest’s service in the “Holy of Holies.” What does this holiest day of the year mean to us today even in diaspora?
Yom Kippur: The One Day Holiday  
Sefer HaMitzvot, Yom Kippur

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catherine ny October 11, 2016

deal with God Especially poignant for me this year. After extensive research for years, I have finally obtained proof that my family in Sicily was killed by the spanish inquisiton in palermo Sicily for just being jewish. Maternal and Paternal family were burned (about 40 people)at the stake or hung.My maternal family,some of which I guess escaped that ordeal were killed at Treblinka during WW2. I also have their names and serial numbers and dates of death. I have names, dates, places from the spanish inquisition list kept by vatican archives.
So why did God allow this....and why am I the only one in my family who needed to find out...and are now doing teshuvah for all of them.
Indeed, so long ago, is now. I will help them. I will try to imagine how they must have heard Kol Nidre and wondered why they were under persecution. I hope they are all there with me later today as I will have the honor to represent them in this lifetime.So God.. I will forgive you...if you forgive us. Reply

Jack Harpers Ferry, WV October 3, 2022
in response to catherine:

"... The will of those who fear Him, will do..." Reply

Jorge Qro. Mexico October 10, 2016

Rabbi Raskin, next year in Jerusalem. Amen. Reply

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