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Solomon’s Song of Songs, Part 4

Shir HaShirim, Chapter Four

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Mendel Dubov Sparta, NJ August 19, 2015

For This is a large subject you are touching on - with some accuracy. Addressing properly will not really fit into a discussion comment... As a starting point, I refer you to "The Lunar Files" and "Do Orthodox Jews still say a blessing every morning thanking G-d for not making them a woman?" Reply

Terrenza Texas, USA August 4, 2015

Why a woman wants to be married more than a man Your teaching about the struggle of the soul wanting to leave this material world and return to/merge with HaShem, and about a woman wanting to marry more than the man makes sense. If the man (male/female) creation emanated directly from the Creator, and then the woman was taken out from the man, then the woman would want to return to her source, just as the man desires to return to his source. The Tanya talks about the filtering down from spiritual to material. The course from material to spiritual would follow the same path in reverse. The woman would feel the need to connect to a man more in order to reach the Creator. This is not to say that a woman can't connect with HaShem without a man, just that it is a more natural progression for her than for him. Is this correct? And is this perhaps why women are not to serve as priests? Reply