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Women and Prayer, Part 2

Blessings and Praise


Women and Prayer, Part 2: Blessings and Praise

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Kayo Kaneko January 5, 2014


I was not exactly feeling good when I started listening to this shiur. But because of your story, I, too, realized that G-d needs me, He needs me exactly for listening to your shiur and fight for the Truth. Be Strong, Be Happy. Todah Reply

Avital Saffan July 28, 2013

Thank you! This prayer class was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much! Reply

Anonymous USA July 23, 2013

My dear Mrs. Plotkin, this situation with the young suicidal men reminds me of when I was working in the hospital. I was assigned to be go one-on-one with a young man who also tried to commit suicide. He was very young. When I sat next to him I remember his comment where he said that he did not know "who he was." I retorted, you don't know who you are, well I know. He asked me, kind of sarcastically: "You know who I am"? I replied: yes. You are G-d's child, that is who you are. He repeated to himself, I am G-d's child? And I could see in his semblance, that he felt satisfied by hearing that. Next day, I hoped for his own good, he had been discharged from the hospital. Sometimes, if we haven't been told that we are G-d's children, we lose our identity in this world. Especially the Jewish children. Because of the spiritual chaos out there. I grew up a very sad child. It took me 62 years to find out who I was until Hashem revealed this to me. Studying Torah brings us to that knowledge. Reply

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