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Women and Prayer, Part 1

The Power of Prayer

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Women and Prayer, Part 1: The Power of Prayer

An introductory course to the prayerbook, the power of prayer and everything else you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about feminine Jewish prayer.
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Hannah Ork April 3, 2019

I live in Israel . I never go to shul because most women don't go to shul on weekdays here in Israel but I pray at home Reply

Goldie Plotkin markham ontario February 6, 2018

Elly, I would highly recommend you speak to a Rabbi or Rebbetzin who can guide you with a very personal answer. You see, as women, we are not bound by time related mitzvoth. We do, however, have an obligation to connect with our creator and give thanks through prayer. As a busy woman, your rabbi or rebbetzin will help you ascertain which prayers are most important to recite every morning and which prayers you add when time allows. This is a very individualistic answer which I cannot answer unless I know you personally. Much hatzlocha. Reply

Elly Teaneck, NJ February 4, 2018

What prayers *must* a busy woman pray in morning, afternoon, and evening pray and which may she skip? I have yet to get this definite answer :/ Thank you! Reply

Sam Leon February 24, 2015

Could you please explain what the phrase "k'neina hana" means Reply

Sam Leon Dumfries, VA February 22, 2015

The way I see it, tefillah serves as a sort of water filtration system for the neshama. It gets rid of the junk, the crud we really don't need in our lives, leaving only the purity behind. Reply

Anonymous Chilliwack August 29, 2013

Hey can you write down all of the names of the prayers you are talking about? Hi,

Could you please write down the names of all the prayers you are talking about? I want to see the spelling of them and also the last prayer you forgot to say what it was called.

But thank you very much for posting this video I was looking for a video like this about what prayers we say on Shabbot. Reply

Gigi Baer Bulgaria August 8, 2013

Sophia Aldridge Hello Sophia,

I would be blessed to talk to you and give you a hand of encouragement, because I know how it is to go through a trial. God is always helping us, we do not know why we are going through a bad time, G-d will show us the way to go out of this trial. We have to trust in Him.

Love Reply Staff via August 5, 2013

Re 3 Festivals The three pilgrimage festivals are Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot. Reply

Anonymous August 1, 2013

Women and prayer
May I ask what the 3 festivals(pilgrimage) mentioned in one of the Blessings are?
I have searched on the internet but get varying opinions.
I believe the ancient Jews traveled to the Temple for these festivals annually and one is probably Yom Kippur, but not sure of the other two. Reply

Sophia Aldridge Pell City, AL July 29, 2013

Right On Time Class I am going through a deep pain in my life, and I went on line to find encouragement. I get the Chabad newsletter. I opened it up and saw the Women and Prayer. I began watching and what a blessing. I am not Jewish, however, I've been reading and learning for several years and say some of the prayers and listen to the mediations often. My G-d is yours also, and the knowledge that I gain has increased my spiritual relationship with G-d greatly. I only wish that I had a friend who can help me learn to speak the prayers correctly, even though I have the audio versions, it good to speak to another woman who knows. Thank you for the videos, its not dry or boring at all! Reply

Mindy Goldis Boynton Beach, Florida via July 26, 2013

Wonderful words of inspiration I enjoyed these classes immensely and will listen again so I can glean more insights into praying to Hashem with more Kavanah and devotion.
Thank you Rebbitzin Plotkin for sharing this with all of us. I have listened to all five parts.
May we continue to always thank, glorify and sanctify Hashem. Through continually doing Mitzvot and following the Torah that we all merit to see the coming of the Moshiach, speedily in our days amen. Reply

Anonymous Jacksonville, FL via July 25, 2013

Roosters At one point we had a pet rooster and two hens. Even when the rooster crowed in the very early morning (anywhere between 3 and 4:30 after which he would promptly go back to sleep) hearing him was a wonderful reminder that morning would arrive soon and visions of the night darkness would be replaced with light of a new day of blessings and possibilities. Our close neighbors also enjoyed his announcement. We were said when he had to move to the country. Reply

Barbara Niles Phoenix, Arizona July 24, 2013

PS to Women & Prayer My husband comments that men & women pray to the same God so their prayers should be the same. Good comment, I think. Reply

Barbara Niles Phoenix, AZ July 23, 2013

Women & Prayer Why should women have to pray any differently than men? Aren't we all equal? Reply

Chicago Il July 23, 2013

Love it! Thank you for these classes,so inspirational and so practical. Reply

Kayo Tokyo July 22, 2013

This is exactly what I needed.
Todah for step by step insight. It is a great help for improving my service of G-d. Reply

Hollie C Peck Hampton July 9, 2013

wonderful! This is a wonderful series... Just amazing. Reply

Anonymous July 9, 2013

Morning blessings Thank you for this class, an excellent balance between the spiritual and practical guidance.
I am glad you demystified the blessing for the rooster ! Reply

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