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Rambam: Maaseh Hakarbanot, Chapter 1

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Rambam: Maaseh Hakarbanot, Chapter 1

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Mishneh Torah (Rambam)

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Shaul Wolf June 5, 2015

Re: I think you may be misreading the words of the Sifsei Chachamim. His intention is to explain the seeming difficulty in the verse, which says "It is consecrated to the Kohen", in the singular tense, although it is referring to both the loaf, the wafer, and the foreleg. He therefore explains, that the word "it" is to be read in context of the word "And he shall wave", meaning that whatever was included in the wave - The loaf, the wafer, and the foreleg - are all consecrated to the Kohen.
The words he uses "B'Koach Maamar" do not mean that it was with the power of speech (levitation) that they were waved, rather it means that this word is using the power of the earlier mentioned word, "He shall wave", and is therefore referring to all three items. Reply

AVRAHAM Edison June 4, 2015

TNUFAH WHERE in Rambam or other sources can I find an actual description of "Tnufah" - specifically the "Tnufah" of the 22,000 Levi'im to show me if it was levitation (as per עיקר שפתי חכמים על במדבר ו׳:כ׳:א׳
כי מלת הוא המורה על אחד שב אל המונף שהוא בכח מאמר והניף המורה על שלשתן ויהיה הוא במקום הם:
I understand this to mean that it was "levitation" performed by the power of speech. Reply

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