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The Nullification of Vows

Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 112

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Gavriel Lumbroso Oregon USA June 9, 2018

The Absolution of views day 112 I was interested in this subject because of a story that I read in a book of midrashim. In the story Moshe Rabenu reasons with HaShem to not destroy Israel. Moshe's argument is, "You need to obey your own Law that someone else can annul your vow."

I don't know if it all transpired the way it is told in the story, but one thing that is true is that HaShem repented from His vow due to Moshe's pleading in Shemot 33:12---34:11, which seems to indicate the notion of regret as in the case of the mabul.

Wouldn't that represent at least a semi-toratic precedent for the Rambam's notion of the absolution of goes by someone else because of regrets or incomplete information? I realise that to assume HaShem of having incomplete information about our future choices sounds wrong, but several times He Del's mentions repentance.

Also, since HaShem can only swear by Himself, cannot "Himself" be the other person annulling the vow?

Thanks for the teaching. Really enjoyed it

Gavriel Lumbroso Reply

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