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Daily Mitzvah: Bestiality & Other Prohibited Relations

Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 90

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Marc Gossin Rome, NY August 2, 2019

Homosexuality why does it not address a female being intimate with another woman.?
Also suppose with the male there is no penetration what so ever ?

Sincere Thanks Reply

Sam P June 8, 2020
in response to Marc Gossin :

With the male there is a problem with "spilling the seed unnecessarily"... Reply

Sara November 9, 2018

What if you commit the same prohibition, punishable by death, over and over and over, willfully? Aren't you committing rebellion abainst HaShem multiple times, thereby losing your outer Jewish identity? Reply

Simcha Bart for Chabad.org November 20, 2018
in response to Sara:

Ultimately our sages teach that no one can be irrevocably cut off from G-d and their Jewish identity. "Nothing stands in the way of repentance". G-d is a loving parent, Who no matter how grievously we have sinned against Him, will always welcome us back with open and outstretched arms when we sincerely return to Him. Reply

Terrenza Texas, USA August 13, 2015

Son-father incest I am curious if any of the sages have connected this prohibition with the act that Ham committed against Noach? I note the prohibition is against the son, not the father. Surely this is significant. Reply

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