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Parsha Vayeira, Part 6

Avraham’s Second Descent to Egypt

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Parsha Vayeira, Part 6: Avraham’s Second Descent to Egypt

Ch. 19, verse 1 – Ch. 20, verse 6: Avraham and Sarah go to Gerar, where he experiences another of his ten tests. Sarah is abducted by Avimelech the king of Gerar. The king is warned by Hashem to release her. His whole household is plagued because of her. The king releases her with lavish gifts. Avraham prays for him, and then he and his household are cured. Chapter 20 begins with Hsshem remembering Sarah and she gives birth to Yitzchok. Avraham who is one hundred years old, circumcises him on the eighth day of his birth and names him Yitzchok.
Vayeira, Sarah's Abduction by Abimelech

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