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Bread of Poverty

A Passover Class


Bread of Poverty: A Passover Class

The matzah we eat at the seder must be "lechem oni" (lit. bread of poverty) which is made from nothing but flour and water, yet the matzah that the Jews ate when they left Egypt was allowed to be made with other ingredients as well. What are the practical and spiritual differences between "bread of poverty" and "bread of wealth"? (Based on Likutei Sichos vol. 16, p. 122.)
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Rochel Chein for chabad.org April 7, 2014

Gluten-free Hi Marcia, you can find information on gluten-free matzah at this link, and many of our Passover recipes here are gluten free too. Reply

Marcia Chatsworth CA April 6, 2014

I am gluten intolerant recently diagnosed, any suggestions for Passover ? Reply

juana medina Michigan April 2, 2014

opinion "matzah for poverty", but in this century they are too expensive to afford it. Reply

Anonymous JERUSALEM March 21, 2013

matza if I am correct the GRA holds that matza is a mitzva to eat every day since it says shivas yomim tochllu matzos Reply

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