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Out of Egypt

The animated story of Passover


Out of Egypt: The animated story of Passover

Experience the miraculous exodus of the Jewish people out of the mighty Egyptian empire—in a unique, fun-filled (and educational) style!
Exodus, Passover

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Sariah July 30, 2019

So funny and so cool Reply

m israel April 24, 2019

I was wondering why the video stopped after they came out of Egypt, but did not show the splitting of the sea. I think that would have been a nice part to put in. Reply

Kathy Henry Elizabeth April 7, 2019

I love it. It is so nice to be able to watch a video on Bible story's and get to hear the right name of the people in the story.would love to see other story's like Samson and Delilah.
Thanks again and thank you for all of your hard work putting these movies together. Reply

Devorah leah somwere in this world March 25, 2019

I am turning 11 and I like it but I would not recomend this to my 5 year old brother Reply

Davy Ann Arbor March 1, 2019

The beginning is a little too long and belabored of pharoah saying those horrible things. Putting the credits over that is a little inappropriate. I wouldn't exactly recommend this video for young kids. There are lots of good parts but please be mindful of the various audiences. Reply

Devorah leah somwere in this world March 25, 2019
in response to Davy:

I tottaly agree with you Reply

Annabelle England March 26, 2019
in response to Davy:

I love it but it is hard for me because i am used to speaking and hearing a english accent. Plus I have never been to america Reply

aviel poly blank parade April 11, 2019
in response to Annabelle:

i see where you are going but i would not say that its bad i just think you should not let 5 to 4 year old watch it. Reply

bella Beverly hills January 23, 2019

:) d best Reply

Rinky in the universe January 21, 2019

Not all the parts are in the video. Reply

Ari kaminetzky taos January 11, 2019

I love this Reply

rinky great neck December 23, 2018

my kids loved it so we bought the dvd Reply

batkit Boca Raton October 4, 2018

the best video ever mistake best movie ever but it's not the whole . Reply

Simcha Wait Chicago September 21, 2018

My good friend did the animation and voice of Paroh. Actually, my daughter and I just bumped into him in our way into the house Reply

zalmy garbarchik March 29, 2018

Very good Reply

To Gila March 27, 2018

Midrash Shmos Rabbah 1:26 states that he put the coal in his mouth. (Your version doesn't even make sense; how would he burn his tongue by putting his hand in his mouth without the coal?) Please check your facts next time before commenting. Reply

Gila Brooklyn April 16, 2018
in response to To Gila:

That’s not what I remember learning but I looked into it and you are correct about him putting the coal into his mouth. Even though you doubt how he would burn his tongue without the coal still being in his mouth to me it doesn’t make sense because the reason that he put his finger/fingers into his mouth was to cool it from the heat, it wouldn’t help cool it if he put the coal into his mouth.
I didn’t mean any disrespect by questioning your accuracy. I just know that there are many versions of the exodus which are incorrect and when I you wrote something different than I remembered learning it. Because this is not a typically incorrect TV source which hopefully people know will be inaccurate I thought it would be right to point out any perceived inaccuracy. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings by criticizing but honestly I was surprised at your response. If I was mistaken I was expecting you to say it in a more polite way. Reply

Gila Brooklyn March 12, 2018

I saw some of it. Looks good except Pharaoh looks too scary for some children. (He didn’t need vampire teeth.) Also Moshe burnt his mouth by touching the hot coals with his fingers and then putting his fingers in his mouth not by the coal landing on his tongue (unless there is another interpretation that I’m not familiar with although I doubt it) I would expect an accurate version on a website like this. I know movies of Pharaoh are inaccurate but I would expect something from Chabad.org to be accurate. I didn’t watch the rest I stopped at the part with the coals. I hope that there are no other mistakes. Reply

Anonymous June 20, 2018
in response to Gila:

I agree, Pharaoh didn't need vampire teeth. Reply

pete ramirez FORT WORTH March 3, 2018

i love it i watch it over and over again i feel like if i do it enough i could be in the story! it is hard to explain but i love this and i hope they make more and if you are reading this please reply Reply

aviel poly blank parade April 11, 2019
in response to pete ramirez:

i kinda agree. Reply


the video is really good! i like it Reply

Tzippy WEEEEE September 24, 2017

Not exactly what i would recommend to little kids, 5, 7, 3, etc cause of all the dying but I'm 10 and liked it. Reply

pete ramirez fort worth March 3, 2018
in response to Tzippy:

i am nine soo and i stared watch when i was six and i did not care i just cared more about learing Reply

Tzippy Maryland March 5, 2018
in response to pete ramirez:

Oki, nice.
Its just my brothers are super sensitive so I'm used to kids who are scared of the dark, ghosts etc. :)))) Reply

Anonymous April 12, 2017

So I just watched this with my 3 and a half year old and he was nearly in tears in the end. He had to fight back the tears because he thought the 10th plague was so sad and Pharaoh was scary and over all although he was all excited about Pesach this video kind of spooked him off his enthusiasm....just a warning for younger kids. It's a little more detailed and stronger (scarier and sadder) than some other explanations of the the Passover story for kids Reply

Yoseph Graham silver spring,MD March 26, 2017

love the video Reply

yocheved venice fl March 15, 2017

great video! my mother is teaching out Hebrew school about peasach and its story behind it they love it and it has a great expalnashen and my mother is very happy about it! thanks a bunch PS: my whole Hebrew school is asking if we could watch the full video so I said I cant ask if they could put it on so please put it on my whole Hebrew school wants please it would make me so happy Reply

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