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Greetings from the Chairperson

Conference of Chabad Women Emissaries 5773

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Greetings from the Chairperson: Conference of Chabad Women Emissaries 5773

Mrs. Chanchy Kaplan emissary to Milan, Italy welcomes the shluchos and their guests to the International Convention of Chabad Women Emissaries.
International Conference of Emissaries, Chabad-Lubavitch

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Anonymous California July 20, 2013

Amazing women you shluchos, from an ordinary man. Reply

anna cohen mamma di Nadia February 8, 2013

Bravo Chanci! We are all proud of you! Fantastic speech and ability to keep the audience! Reply

Arshad Pakistan February 4, 2013

Its so wonderful to listen the Address of the Chairperson.
I feel honored to learn more from your team.
Kind Regards, Reply