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Introduction to Women of the Bible

Sarah's Courage

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Introduction to Women of the Bible: Sarah's Courage

Course author and presenter Chana Weisberg welcomes students to a series of text-based courses, Women of the Bible, the first of which will be a 10-part course on the life of our matriarch Sarah.
Sarah's Courage: Table of Contents  

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Esther Herat St John's January 19, 2019

Hi Chana greetings from St John's, Newfoundland, Canada. I am just accessing this course and look forward to learning. Thank you and thank you to Chabad from the very bottom of my heart. Chabad has taught me much more than i have ever learned. Reply

Chana Weisberg For January 20, 2019
in response to Esther Herat:

Dear Esther,
thank you so much for taking the time to write! I hope you enjoy and are inspired from the many teachings on our site! Reply

Chana Weisberg Pomona November 7, 2018

Thank you so much for your comments. I really appreciate the positive feedback! I'm so glad this was helpful and insightful for you. Reply

Chani Altein Pgh October 16, 2018

I just wanted to say thank you so much for these very interesting, informative and meaningful lessons. I learn so much from each one and have been sharing many of your messages with others, as well. Reply

Carmen Asiain Montevideo September 19, 2018

Excellent perspective. The compliment comes from a Roman Catholic. Thank you for your wisdom and insight Reply

Cynthia Sango Botswana Africa July 25, 2016

Sarah's courage You are proving and confirming that while man are strong outwardly ,women are strong inwardly ,imagine they carry human beings in their stomach for nine months can a man do that,truly women you stomach immense courage thank you Chana Reply

Erika Kish B.C. Canada April 12, 2015

Chana you give so much inspiration to women, your gentle tone and voice is nice to listen to, You find the right words and reach us deeply, your topics are always interesting.
And I always look forward to something new you tell us or discuss about.
Can't wait what comes next. Reply

Vickie villamor April 11, 2015

I am so glad that us women have you back, your words give us strength. I thanks HaShem for you. Reply

Chana Weisberg April 9, 2015

thank you! thank you, Elaine, so much for writing and for sharing. Your positive comments and feedback are really appreciated! Reply

Elaine Nguyen September 20, 2018
in response to Chana Weisberg:

Most welcome! Still watching, learning and growing! Reply

Elaine Nguyen Georgia USA March 25, 2015

Oh the joy that floods my soul! Chana, In recent months I have discovered and your teachings. You see, it was about a year ago that I finally came into more knowledge of my Jewish heritage. Rarely a day goes by now that I am not listening and studying from I weep, I laugh, and feel so completed knowing who I am. Some things are familiar from my childhood and my maternal grandmother. I am so thirsty for more, more, more!
Your teachings in particular, are my favorite. Thank you so very much for being such a blessing in my life as you have helped to open my eyes and heart. Reply

Rowland South Africa December 5, 2013

Wow, amazing! Truly amazing! Toda! Reply

Anonymous Malibu, Calif via June 23, 2013

Enjoying your tone in your voice as you explain! You have such a gentle tone in your voice.,so nice to hear after a stressful day! I only listened for 5 mints.... About Sarah as she still looked so young as she added on more years to her body and soul ,127 yrs.young!
I hope one day we can all live our life like Sarah ....Amen
If you are ever around Malibu, plz stop by our jewish home to enjoy a kosher meal and give a lecture, and I will invite Only women to join us. Shevuah Tov Reply

Julie Durham May 7, 2013

thank you Chana Your insights are so very important for all women Reply

Vickie Villamor Gastonia, nc May 6, 2013

Thanks, it's been a blessing to me to hear your lessons, really it's a give from HAShem. Please don't ever stop renewing our mind and soul with your studying. Reply

Anonymous Bakersfield May 6, 2013

Hineni mukhan oomzuma lekayem Thank you so much. I just subscribed to and the first email I received was the link to 'Say you are my sister'. without even reading further, I realized immediately these were Abrahams words to Sarah. My eyes filled with tears as I listened to the lesson. It was confirming the undeniable truth my heart. I'm home :) Shalom Reply

Sabrina Beth Frederick, Maryland April 22, 2013

I Have Been Waiting For This!!! Thank you so very much for making this new series. I have watched the "A Taste of Text" series so many times over and love the source sheets. I feel like I'm in school learning while I work at my computer all day. Your classes really infuse the spiritual element into the mundane part of my day (work). I loved the Miriam lecture series and your lecture about Chanah. I do hope you continue to make these wonderful lecture series. I have learned so much and always look forward to listening each day. I am truly grateful that you are able to share your Torah learning with so many, myself included. I appreciate all that you do. Thank you! Reply

Tzipora Houston April 20, 2013

Looking forward to follow this series as well! I want to learn all about my role models from the torah! thanks Chanah Reply

judy chicago February 15, 2013

can't wait! Amazing, can't wait for the rest of this series. Just what I was looking for! Reply

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