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The Kings of Israel

A biblical history of the Jews

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The Kings of Israel: A biblical history of the Jews

In the previous lesson we learned about the Kingdom of Israel and its early kings, most of whom were wicked. In this lesson, we learn about the remainder of the kings of Israel until the fall of the kingdom. Included in this period of history are several stories about the prophet Elijah, who fought to restore the people’s morality and faith during a time of general corruption.
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Anonymous diaspora January 21, 2017

Missing a little bit are you not? Assyrians never ever ever in any other record of the time ever depopulated an entire population aside from the claims made by jews.
They did however remove ruling classes and replace with governors.
Additionally on the eve of invasion by the babylonians(forget what book) A king of judah sends his.. i forget what they are called but they send a message to the heads of the 10 tribes and request them join them in jerusalem for passover, most refuse some accept. So the 10 tribes were still there, never left even after the assyrian invasion, proved by your jewish writings.
I have read before that at the time of eli and uzzi the priest line split in 2 but this actually marked the beginning of 3 separate groups 1) who followed uzzi 2) followed eli 3) returned to idol worship of canaanite gods. I must stress that Jerusalem remained canaanite up till the time of david according the the books. Reply

John Hiers Fayetteville , NC December 24, 2012

Great series Rabbi thank you very much for doing this series, I had been wanting to know the history but did not know where to begin. Now I do !!

Thank you !!! Reply

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