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The Judges

A biblical history of the Jews

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The Judges: A biblical history of the Jews

After the passing of Joshua, the Jewish people were led by a series of “shoftim” (literally, “judges”). The book of Judges chronicles the events that transpired during their leadership. Major events in this period of history include Ehud’s assassination of Eglon; the heroism of the female judge, Deborah; the tragedy of Jephthah’s daughter; Samson’s war against the Philistines; and the Concubine at Givah incident.
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History, Concubine at Givah Incident, Jephthah, Samson, Deborah, Ehud, Judges

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Mendel Dubov Sparta, NJ May 20, 2014

To scott kay Rambam, Laws of Nezirut, Ch. 3 Hl. 13:

Samson was not a nazirite in a complete sense, for he never took a nazirite vow. It was merely that the angel caused him to be separated from impurity.

What were the laws applying to him? He was forbidden to drink wine and cut his hair. He was, however, permitted to incur impurity due to contact with the dead. This concept is a halachah transmitted by the Oral Tradition. Reply

scott kay Little Egg Harbor Twp May 17, 2014

Samson was a Nazirite Hello Rabbi! I'm trying to figure this out, if Samson was a Nazirite then would he not have broken the commands given in Numbers chapter 6 not to go near a corpse. As I see it, he went to a dead lion and ate the honey, and he also killed men in battle. I would appreciate your feedback on this. Reply

Nikola Panchev London, UK November 13, 2012

The Judges Wonderful Rabbi Mendel Dubov !!!
Thanks for the excellent lesson! Reply

Keith Prosser England November 2, 2012

I agree, quite excellent as this is delivered in a very lively way. 43 minutes to give an overview of the book of Judges- is this a record? I couldn't do it this fast! Thanks also for not pulling any punches nor glossing over the sad events, nor underplaying the huge successes the Holy and Living One delivered through Israel. Very informative and true to scripture. Reply

Ron Faulk Leesburg, Fl. November 1, 2012

The Judges Excellent! Well Done! I' m excited about this series of teachings! Thank you! Reply

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