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Reflections on "Hayom Yom": Elul 15

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Reflections on "Hayom Yom": Elul 15

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R. Sholom DovBer of Lubavitch, Tomchei Temimim

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Anonymous September 14, 2019

HaYomYom Moshe Steiner: on Ha Yom Yom

we love you. You make such well illustrated points. We are all grateful to you for your optimism and up-beat
style. You help us live with the times and whatever is going on, your friendly demeanor and encouraging way help us yearn to be wholesome, giving and truly caring towards others. Even beneath the surface you exude an authenticity and realness, a youthfulness and offer hope and enthusiasm to our world. There is great reward for your emcourage-ment. Please dovin that we
will all internalize and act in accordance with the "messages" you give, those written and those which your manner conveys. Be bless -ed.

Your listeners. Elul 15 Reply

S U.K. September 18, 2016

Tapestry Uncomplicated, simple and our heart will be revealed on high. Reply