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Reflections on "Hayom Yom": Elul 9

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S U.K. September 12, 2016

Complexities The discerned unravelles all the complexities of the task, where often tasks are explicitly learnt in childhood then implicitly applied in adulthood. For example, walking, how do we walk, talk, read, write, keep kosher, pray?

Everything mankind does can be viewed in a microscopic form, yet the relevance to the average person is superfluous, we simply do things without introspection.

To unravel the Torah, however, comes from the heart and is done with a love and passion that can fill the world with words, HaShems words. Reply

Kreina Chicago August 15, 2013

Clarity Thank you for an excellent presentation of this Hayom Yom. Certainly, the same rabbe'im who took time to learn with their daughters (long before such things came into fashion) and encouraged them to learn Torah could not be saying something disparaging here. Bottom line: where there is a will there is a way. Reply

Raizel August 26, 2012

Awesome! I always thought that this Hayom Yom was kind of putting down women to a degree. Love these videos that put things into an understandable perspective. Keep 'em coming! Reply

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