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Do I Have to Do What G-d Says?

Studying Rashi: Parshat Re'eh

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Do I Have to Do What G-d Says?: Studying Rashi: Parshat Re'eh

In verse 12:17, the Torah says: "You cannot eat within your cities the tithe of your grain...or any of your vows that you will vow..." Rashi clarifies that it does not mean "you cannot" but rather "you are not allowed to." What is the difference between being able and being allowed to do something?
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Freedom of Choice, Re'eh

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Seth black February 26, 2022

You are free to disobey. God is free to be wrathful.

Do not use your freedom to provoke God’s wrath. Reply

Kayo August 5, 2013

I am living very difficult condition. But while I am studying Torah and the Rebbe’s teachings, I feel relieved. Reply

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