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Rambam: Tefillah, Chapter 11

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Aharon Faiman New Hempstead, NY June 15, 2020

Does having door on east side of beis hakanesses have to do with facing towards Jerusalem? If so then in Bavel it would be the west side needs a door and in Eqypt (place of Rambam) it would be as stated in Mishneh Torah. Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for June 16, 2020
in response to Aharon Faiman:

The following is from the commentary on this section:

This law is quoted from the Tosefta. The Tur and Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chayim 150:5) explain that this law applied only in Babylon, where their synagogues faced west. Thus, the doorway on the eastern side would be opposite the ark. However, since the Rambam mentions the possibility of the heichal being built on different walls, but mentions only one position for the entrance, it appears that he requires the entrance to be placed at the east at all times. Reply

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