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Fair Weights and Measures

Parsha Kedoshim

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Fair Weights and Measures: Parsha Kedoshim

Why does Maimonides equate the commandment of keeping fair weights and measures to the commandment of believing in the Exodus? The answer leads to a better understanding of the Exodus as the foundation of all commandments and also the issue of free choice in the face of Divine decree. (Based on Likkutei Sichos, vol. 27, pp. 149)
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Maimonides, Freedom of Choice, Business Ethics, Pharaoh, Exodus, Kedoshim, Acharei-Kedoshim, Honest Weights and Measures

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Carolyn Rivers Memphis February 6, 2017

Of course, I do love Rabbi Moishe New. Anytime he speaks....I dearly love to listen to him! I couldn't, because of the sound. I live in Mph. the United States... I wish that I could hear better. Please fix it! Looking forward to better connection! Salom! Reply

Phillip Zezulak Lansing, MI May 3, 2012

Pharaoh Himself is the False Measure The main idea here to me is that Pharaoh measures himself as a god verses the true Eternal G-d. So Pharaoh promises Joseph the Land of Egypt at his disposal and to settle in the pick of the land. If Pharaoh had truly been a god like our Eternal G-d, then his decree would have been honored even after 400 years, but a new Pharaoh comes who has completely forgotten eveything do with Joseph. Time has proven the first Pharaoh false in his word and his arrogance. Pharaoh's own promise condemns him as false and his people as faithless, worthy of punishment. G-d judges and condemns Pharaoh by his own decree and 400 years later Egypt must admit that their false gods are not Eternal. Reply

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